Scope 1 emissions are the release of GHGs into the atmosphere as a direct result of activity at a facility.

Measuring these emissions can help organisations or facilities track their direct performance on climate-related metrics.

Scope 2 emissions are the indirect release of GHGs into the atmosphere from activities that generate electricity, heating, cooling, or steam that is consumed by operations but may not form part of the facility.

Measuring these is important as the total (combined Scope 1 & Scope 2) represents all emissions produced & used in the facility’s operational activities.

Scope 3 emissions are indirect GHGs that occur as a consequence of the activities of a facility, but from sources not owned or controlled by that facility’s organisation.

There is currently no obligation to report Scope 3 emissions, however, organisations are increasingly disclosing these in voluntary reports.

Scope 3 emissions are consolidated into a wide range of upstream & downstream activities of an organisation.