The purpose of ESG and sustainability reporting is to disclose economic, environmental and social impacts, to help understand and assess a company’s performance in meeting goals related to these impacts.

While reporting is often voluntary, ESG and sustainability reports are increasingly important in disclosure of data, with metrics often being used as a proxy for measuring good management.

ESG and sustainability reports do more than just meet stakeholder demands, they empower companies to go beyond compliance to improve economic, environmental and social performance.

What can Greenbase offer your business?

  • Globally Recognised Methodology

Greenbase have developed systems to report against global sustainability standards such as the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) & SASB, providing a streamlined and auditable ESG and sustainability reporting solution.

  • Verifiable and Optimal Compliance

We define the materiality and reporting boundary of your report and provide you with a personalised data collection template to streamline your reporting, saving you time and money.

  • Industry-Leading Reporting Solution

Using our IGAN™ system, Greenbase provide a sensible data management system and reporting platform where you can review, compare and evaluate the calculated metrics.

  • Audit-Ready Reports, Always

Greenbase guarantee quality control and quality assurance to ensure reports are auditable, traceable and repeatable, anytime.