Martin Engineering’s ApronSeal™ Skirting Solution, a cutting-edge system designed to revolutionize conveyor efficiency. This solution tackles the challenges of material spillage and dust emissions head-on, setting a new standard for sealing performance and containment.

With superior sealing capabilities, the Martin® ApronSeal™ ensures tight containment at transfer points, effectively preventing material spillage and reducing cleanup efforts. Its robust design also minimizes dust emissions, enhancing workplace safety and regulatory compliance.

Installation and maintenance are simplified thanks to the user-friendly design, enabling quick and hassle-free procedures that minimize downtime and maximize productivity. Built to withstand heavy-duty applications, it boasts durable materials and components, ensuring long-lasting performance in even the most demanding environments.

Not only does it improve operational efficiency, but the also meets regulatory requirements and minimizing environmental impact, businesses can enhance their sustainability efforts while optimizing cost-efficiency and profitability.

Customizable options are available to tailor the Martin® ApronSeal™ to specific conveyor system requirements, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency for every application.

Here are some examples:

Martin® ApronSeal™ Single Skirting offers dual sealing for spillage prevention with minimal maintenance. Primary seal clamps to chute wall, while self-adjusting secondary seal creates effective dust seal. Features include compatibility with higher speed belts, easy one-piece installation, and applicability to various troughing angles. The Martin® ApronSeal™ Double Skirting features a primary and secondary sealing strip in a single elastomer and a patented technology ensures constant angle radial pressure for optimal performance on high-speed belts.

Say goodbye to material spillage and dust emissions, and hello to a more efficient and sustainable operation. Contact us today to learn more about the benefits of the Martin’s Skirting Solution for your operation.