The Martin Engineering CleanScrape® Cleaner is a groundbreaking solution that redefines conveyor maintenance and efficiency standards. With its exceptional cleaning performance, the CleanScrape® outperforms traditional cleaners, offering unmatched efficiency and 2 x the durability compared to other cleaners. Say goodbye to carryback material and hello to optimal material flow with ease.

This versatile cleaner can be installed at a 3-dimensional helix angle across the face of the discharge pulley, requiring minimal space for installation. Its adaptability extends to mechanical splices, thanks to tungsten carbide tips and minimal pressure application, making it the most versatile belt cleaner on the market.

Not only does the CleanScrape® excel in cleaning performance, but it also contributes to sustainability efforts by effectively removing carryback material, reducing waste, and minimizing environmental impact.

Furthermore, it provides the greatest return on investment over its lifespan, ensuring the lowest operating cost and maximizing cost-efficiency and profitability for your operations.

With its robust construction and minimal moving parts, the CleanScrape® requires minimal maintenance, reducing overall downtime and operational costs.

It’s an indispensable tool for tackling even the harshest conditions and materials, thanks to its advanced technology, ensuring efficient cleaning in the most aggressive environments imaginable.

Experience the future of conveyor belt cleaning with Martin Engineering’s CleanScrape®. Elevate your material handling operations to new heights of productivity, efficiency, and reliability. 

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