Lincoln Li-Ion PowerLuber

The Lincoln Li-Ion PowerLuber, a heavy-duty battery-powered grease gun designed for demanding environments. This lithium-ion battery-operated grease gun combines power and versatility to simplify equipment maintenance and tackle tough jobs with ease.

Key Features

  • High Torque Powerhead: Delivers grease at up to 10,000 psi (690 bar) in both high and low output settings, ensuring efficient lubrication and safeguarding machinery.
  • Unique LCD Display: The liquid crystal display provides accurate readings of battery level and grease flow, enhancing user convenience and monitoring capabilities.
  • Three-Point Base: The tool features a stable three-point base that keeps it upright and secure during operation, facilitating easy handling without being bulky and allowing access to fittings in tight spaces.
  • Lithium-Ion Battery Technology: Powerful and efficient lithium-ion battery technology ensures an even flow of energy and offers three times the charge cycle compared to conventional batteries, prolonging runtime and productivity.
  • Flow Meter: The LCD’s integrated flow meter detects the loss of prime, eliminating false readings and ensuring proper lubrication of serviced equipment.

To see the full Lincoln Li-Ion Powerluber range, download the product guide above.