Considerable investments are made in mobile equipment, and automatic fire suppression systems offer a proactive and dependable approach to mitigating risks and reducing potential property damage, financial loss, and operational disruptions.

  • Flexible heat detection capabilities enable immediate activation upon fire detection, ensuring minimal damage to assets and personnel
  • Multiple fire suppression agents cater to various fire classes, ensuring comprehensive coverage against different types of fires
  • System diagnostics include datalogging of all essential system events
  • The alarm panel serves as an advanced integrated control system, incorporating control, monitoring, and activation of the Muster fire suppression system
  • Utilisation of environmentally responsible, solution-based fire suppression concentrates

Fire Suppression Systems for the mining Industry

An automatic fire suppression system is indispensable for industrial equipment, given its pivotal role in safeguarding valuable assets and ensuring personnel safety. Industrial equipment commonly operates in high-risk environments where fires can lead to dire consequences.

Detecting fires in their nascent stages, an automatic fire suppression system initiates an immediate response to suppress the fire before it escalates and inflicts substantial damage.

Below are some of our fire suppression solutions:

Foam-Based Fire Suppression System

Safeguarding mobile machinery from hydrocarbon fuel fires.

Foam fire suppression systems activate automatically upon detecting a fire. Upon activation, a substantial volume of foam is discharged, effectively enveloping the fuel surface. This blanket impedes the release of flammable vapours and restricts the fire’s access to oxygen. The foam not only cools the fuel and surrounding structures but also reduces the risk of re-ignition.

  • Tailored to accommodate both manned and autonomous vehicles or applications.
  • Offers a range of fire suppressing agents, including advanced agents suitable for extreme cold temperatures, fluorine-free options, and C6 purity AFFF foam choices.
  • Provides single, dual, or triple agent system options when combined with Muster aerosol and/or powder systems.
  • Certified to AS5062 standards.

TUFF – Portable system suitable for Mining service vehicles

Versatile fire protection solution for diverse applications.

The Transferable Unit for Fire Fighting (TUFF) offers a readily available and adaptable approach to fire protection for mobile equipment, including agricultural and forestry machinery. Mounted directly onto the machine, the TUFF unit provides immediate access to a highly effective firefighting foam solution in the event of a fire. Alternatively, when affixed to the back of a support vehicle, it serves as an additional monitoring tool for machine operators. In case of a fire, the support vehicle can swiftly relocate to address the situation from a safe vantage point.

  • Fully self-contained and easily transferable between machines when not in use.
  • Utilises nitrogen pressure stored inside the cylinder, which can be conveniently refilled by the operator without requiring a licence.
  • Equipped with a 15-metre retractable hose reel for quick response to fires near machinery.
  • The nozzle can be inserted into machinery access points and small openings to apply foam directly to burning material.
  • Environmentally responsible design.

For a detailed list of Fire Suppression products, download our product guide at the top of this page.