Efficiently managing the flow of fuels and other liquids is a critical aspect that determines success across many industries. From precise measurements to selecting suitable pumps, every step influences profitability when handling valuable fluids like fuels and oils:

  • Quick and straightforward installation, assembly, and disassembly processes.
  • Modular and scalable design for easy system expansion and reconfiguration.
  • Versatility to accommodate various fluid types and connection specifications, with a focus on fuels.
  • Minimal downtime during maintenance and repairs to ensure uninterrupted fuel flow.
  • Compatibility and standardisation for seamless integration with different fuel system components.
  • Resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and extreme temperatures, maintaining fuel integrity.
  • Safety features, including locking mechanisms and pressure relief valves, to prevent accidents and fuel leaks.
  • Efficient fluid flow with minimal restrictions, pressure drops, and turbulence, optimising fuel transfer processes.

Non-Pressure Fuelling Systems

Traditional non-pressure fuelling systems are often perceived as complex, requiring a multitude of components and parts to function harmoniously across various vehicles and machinery. However, the FloMAX solution offers a streamlined non-pressure system that necessitates only a few components while still delivering the required safe and effective results.

Available configurations encompass all-in-one systems, internal line, and external line non-pressure fuelling systems.

  • Streamlined modular design allowing for a myriad of installation possibilities.
  • Utilises no more than three components for operation.
  • Offers swift filling capability (up to 1,500 LPM on external systems).
  • Various size vents are available to accommodate diverse installations and tank sizes.
  • Each system component undergoes rigorous testing during manufacture to ensure optimal performance.
  • Fuelling systems engineered for safety, efficiency, and affordability.

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