Soil stabilisation and erosion control are fundamental elements of any revegetation project involving disturbed ground, earthworks, stockpiling or sloping sites. Fibre matting products can significantly aid in the success of these projects, preventing the movement of soil while ground cover and plants are growing and establishing natural soil stabilisation.

Jute Mesh Soil Saver is a natural product derived from Jute plant, woven to form a net-like fabric, which can be spread across large areas of bare soil to prevent erosion. Jute Mesh is most commonly used when establishing grass or similar ground cover from seed, as the gaps in the mesh allow sunlight and moisture to penetrate the ground and for newly germinated plants to grow through the fabric. As a natural product, the jute will then break down over 12-24 months, leaving no waste or contamination.

Recycled Fibre Weed Matting is a needle punched Geotextile, used for both erosion control and weed suppression. Suppressing weed growth around a new seedling will provide it with the best opportunity to develop into a strong, healthy tree, while minimising the need to use herbicides and other weed suppression measures. This versatile fabric is made from recycle textiles and has the added benefit of preventing moisture loss from the soil, greatly increasing the survival and growth rates of the plants.

Both products are easy and safe to use, requiring to be simply rolled out and pinned into place across the desired surface.

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