The movement of water across an area devoid of vegetation has a high chance to cause major environmental damage in the form of erosion and sediment run-off. Coir Logs are a product designed to tackle these problems, simply and effectively.

Coir logs consist of a roll of coir and organic coconut fibre that’s enclosed in a robust coir mesh webbing. These provide erosion and wave control structures in riparian zones, and sediment capture in drainage lines and swales. Coir Logs provide protection while vegetation establishes and takes over the long-term stabilisation.

Coir logs are quick to install and easy to secure, using either hardwood stakes or steel hoop pins. Coir logs have a life expectancy of up to three years, with the twine mesh and coir fibres biodegrading naturally, leaving zero waste or contamination.

Coir logs can be used to stabilise steep batters, reducing water velocity and preventing erosion in these problematic areas.

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