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Elite Drilling is centrally located in Saskatchewan, Canada, and has more than 20 years of experience in surface core drilling throughout the world. The global services we offer include diamond core drilling, directional core drilling and consulting.

Our crews bring with them a wealth of knowledge that allows us to offer a premium service at a more attractive price than our competition. Our mobile, lightweight, heli-portable rigs allow us to do the job in the least amount of time possible. We are unparalleled in price, service, versatility and safety. 

Diamond core drilling

Elite Drilling crews are experienced in all aspects of core drilling and working in demanding conditions. Our services come with all the necessary equipment to complete your surface exploration job. We use highly mobile, lightweight, heli-portable rigs which are easily converted from fly to unitised rigs with minimal downtime.

Directional core drilling

It is known that drill holes with deviate from their target to some extent. At Elite Drilling, we have experience with many different forms of directional control including steerable core barrels, mud motors and wedging. It is also a cost-effective way for clients to hit many targets without the time delay of unnecessarily moving the drill and drilling rock.

Consulting for directional or mud drilling jobs

When your directional or mud drilling job becomes tough or a second opinion is required, Elite Drilling can be engaged in a consulting role to share its extensive knowledge, experience and advice. Results and opinions are communicated in a timely manner directly to the client as soon as the data is compiled.

Core drilling equipment

Our core drilling equipment includes the Duralite 1000N and the ED 1200. The Duralite 1000N includes:

  • 1,000m N capacity
  • 1,300m B capacity
  • 170hp John Deere Eengine
  • 90% aluminum construction
  • Lightweight

The ED 1200 features:

  • 1,200m N capacity
  • 1,550m B capacity
  • 170hp Iveco engine
  • 90% aluminum construction
  • Lightweight

Core drilling for the mining industries

Safety is a primary focus everyday at Elite Drilling. We recognise that our employees are our greatest assets and have implemented an extensive occupational health and safety policy. 

Elite Drilling complies with the requirements of the ISO 14001 environmental management standard. Being located in Canada means we are able to be extremely resourceful and familiar with the stresses the environment undergoes every day. Our objective is to conduct business in a manner that conserves resources and continually reduces our environmental footprint.

About Elite Drilling

Management at Elite Drilling takes very seriously the preservation of the social, cultural and environmental uniqueness of the regions in which it works. The company is proud of its record of strong community relations and conscientious environmental stewardship and strives to continue to be a model corporate citizen and partner.

Lac Otelnuk Iron Project, Quebec

The Lac Otelnuk Iron Project, hosting 1,398 contiguous mineral claims covering a total area of 673km², is located in Nunavik, approximately 170km north of the town of Schefferville and 250km south of Kuujjuag, Québec, Canada.

Wheeler River Uranium Project, Saskatchewan

The Wheeler River Uranium Project is located approximately 35km north-northeast of the Key Lake mill, and 35km southwest of the McArthur River uranium mine, within the eastern edge of the Athabasca Basin, in northern Saskatchewan, Canada.

Deflector Gold Project, Murchison

The Deflector gold project located in the southern Murchison region of Western Australia is being developed to operate as a combined open pit and underground operation.

Gamsberg–Skorpion Integrated Project

The Gamsberg–Skorpion integrated project in Gamsberg, South Africa, includes the development of an open-pit zinc mine, concentrator plant and associated infrastructure, and the conversion of the Skorpion zinc refinery in Namibia.

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