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New DecaEdge cast lip provides greater efficiency in mining operations

Mining products developer and manufacturer, CR has last month announced its latest DecaEdge cast lip, DE2553, a new product that was developed in response to the popularity of CR’s DecaEdge 10 and 11 station cast lips, aiming to broaden their cast lip range for Large Mining Wheel Loaders.

CR launches a safer ground engaging tool change out solution

International mining solutions developer CR has introduced a new safety and productivity tool. The GripAssist Handling device helps mining site operators remove and reposition ground engagement tools (GET) in a safe and efficient manner, with minimal human interaction.

How superior product development can increase mining efficiency

Like all industries, digital technology has overhauled the way the mining industry operates. It’s been a welcome change for those companies that are taking the lead when it comes to digital approaches to product development and ultimately, increasing mining efficiency.

The importance of nuclear density measurement devices for mines

As the only proven density measurement method when dealing with slurry, nuclear density measurement devices are an essential and heavily governed part of the mining industry in Australia and across the globe.

German-based companies may be best placed to weather COVID-19

According to reports worldwide, Germany’s response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic has been notable for its efficiency, approach to testing and high recovery rates. The country’s approach has been both well-organised and meticulous, and with private German companies following the government’s example, they may be in an excellent position to come out of the pandemic quickly and with minimal damage.

Is Tesla down for the count?

Who hasn’t heard of Tesla? We all know it’s a company that makes electric cars. But when trading stocks, it’s always helpful to get to know the company you’re trading more deeply. It’s important to look at what the company does, how it started, and what it plans for the future.