The GripAssist is the flagship product of CR’s new MineAssist product category and has been developed to improve GET changeout practices around the world.

Designed to significantly reduce human interaction when handling GET in the pit or the workshop, the GripAssist unit fits onto a tracked skid steer or similar small in-pit mobile loader and includes a hydraulic arm that grips GET products to enable quick and easy maintenance changeouts.

Quintin Nienaber, General Manager of Product Management, says the GripAssist could completely optimise the way current maintenance practices are performed.

“We have seen GET changeout times halved in our initial field tests which is an incredible outcome while at the same time improving safety. While the aim of the GripAssist is to remove human interactions during GET changeouts, the fact that it can enhance productivity by reducing downtime is a significant associated benefit and is a game-changer in how GET maintenance will be managed and scheduled in the future”.

John Barbagallo, says the range has been specifically developed to assist mining customers with changeout requirements for highly productive excavating machines.

“The GripAssist is the latest of our industry leading products developed through close collaboration with our customers and associated partners. Through listening to our customers, we have understood the need to develop a range of safety equipment for GET maintenance change out and have worked collaboratively to bring this industry-changing product to market.” Barbagallo said.

“At CR, we bring the core value of safety into everything we do. The GripAssist promotes safe GET changeout and is a great equipment solution to provide genuine safe fitment and removal of all GET items.”

The GripAssist is now available to order globally.