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Endeavour proposes merger with Centamin

Endeavour Mining Corporation has announced that it is looking to agree to a merger with Centamin plc for just under £1.5bn due to its “compelling long-term value creation opportunity.”

Blockchain will impact mining M&As – deals interview with White & Case

An interview with Oliver Wright from the global law firm White & Case on developments in mining M&A’s in 2019.

Glencore signs five-year cobalt supply deal with China’s GEM

British-Swiss multinational Glencore has signed a five year deal with Chinese company GEM Co to supply a minimum of 61,200 tonnes of cobalt per year for five years starting from 2020.

Hochschild Mining acquires Chilean rare earth deposit

Gold and silver producer Hochschild Mining has acquired the BioLantanidos ionic clay rare earth deposit in Chile for $56.3m.

Hands on the wheel: how the rapidly evolving auto industry is changing mining forever

While the auto industry has never stood still, the rise of electric vehicles and emergence of a new middle class in countries like India and China is changing the industry at a much faster pace than ever before, sending shockwaves through the mining world. Molly Lempriere and Jack Unwin take a close look at the modern relationship between the industries and ask, what does the future hold?

Heavy metal: the fight to cleanse Cornwall’s polluted rivers

Tin mining in Cornwall and West Devon has left a dual legacy. On the one hand its historic mining landscape was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2006, but on the other there are toxic rivers due to poisonous metals from the mines infecting the main water streams. Jack Unwin examines the efforts by local and central government to cleanse the area.

Sirius Minerals pulls out of $500m bond issue

UK-based mining company Sirius Minerals has been forced to cancel a $500m bond issue after the UK government refused to back its potash mine in the North Yorkshire Moors.

CATL to buy stake in Pilbara Minerals in Australia for A$55m

Contemporary Amperex Technology (CATL) has announced that it will buy an 8.5% stake in Australian lithium mining company Pilbara Minerals for around $37.5m (A$55m).

Seriti to acquire South32’s South Africa Energy Coal business

Seriti Resources has signed exclusive negotiations to acquire South32’s South Africa Energy Coal (SAEC) business, following a competitive bid process.

Peruvian governor sentenced to six years in prison for mining protests

The governor of the Puno region in Peru Walter Aduviri has been sentenced to six years in prison by a Peruvian court