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Giles Crosse

All that glitters is coal: inside Queensland’s new coal mines

Coal is making waves in Queensland. Giles Crosse explores the state’s new royalty structure and new steelmaking mines on the horizon.

Challenges and solutions: how mining could embrace the IOT cloud

A popular buzzword in tech circles, “the cloud” has significant impacts for the mining sector. Giles Crosse explores how improving access to data and enabling collaboration are key for firms looking to optimise production.

People, profits, power: how Rio Tinto reaches out to indigenous owners

Giles Crosse speaks to Rio Tinto about its recent support for indigenous groups in Australia, and asks how seriously the miner is taking such issues.

Following the East Star: inside rare earth mining in Kazakhstan

As the world looks to diversify its supply of critical minerals, new mining jurisdictions are coming to the forefront. Giles Crosse looks at recent developments in Kazakhstan.

Predictions and protection: can software and data improve ESG in mining?

Giles Crosse investigates how a delicate combination of data and regulation could be vital for the future of the mining sector.

Take it back: inside Pathfinder and AAG’s claim against Mozambique

Giles Crosse investigates the loss of a Pathfinder Minerals mining claim in Mozambique, and asks what the dispute could mean for the future of mining in the country.

Is Saudi mineral self-sufficiency a new priority?

Historically a haven of oil and gas in the energy industry, Saudi Arabia’s future could prove home to a number of other industries across the sector, writes Giles Crosse.

New recruits: the hiring challenges of Australian mining

Many industries have been disrupted in recent years, and Australian mining is no different. Giles Crosse speaks to Zenith Energy COO Graham Cooper about both the challenges and the opportunities this new world presents.

Wealth in the water: the face-off over deep-sea mining in Oceania

The deepest oceans remain untouched, for now, by large-scale industrial development, but that could be about to change. Giles Crosse investigates.

What does the aborted Williams Bay exploration mean for Australian mining?

United Funds’ sudden application for and withdrawal from exploration permits in Western Australia has shone a spotlight on permitting law.