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X-ray vision: How mineral analysis can boost productivity

Before making decisions about a mining operation, it is crucial to know what the mine has to offer.

A million-dollar problem: Surge protection for mining operations

More mining and industrial projects than ever before are now actively considering ways they can protect valuable electrical equipment from lightning surges and transients, which can cause loss of essential services or significant financial loss.

How Tidal Fluid Power’s newest integrated pumps are transforming the mining sector

Mining Technology speaks to Alan Taylor, State Manager for Western Australia at Tidal Fluid Power, to discuss how the new TPV-11 pumps are revolutionising the sector, and increasing efficiency.

Optimising lightning protection systems with expert mining engineers

With lightning protection systems operators can control the passage of a discharge in a manner that prevents injury to personnel or damage to property.

How Castech reverse engineered and improved 1950s bogey frames

Mining Technology spoke to Allen Vaughan, General Manager at Castech, about one of the many examples of how the company has worked with a customer to produce specialised custom parts.