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Maintenance Experts (MEX) is a leading provider of computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) vendor, with more than 10,000 users worldwide.

Mobile maintenance management for the mining industry

MEX is an affordable CMMS that is flexible and easy-to-use. Combined with any iOS device, MEX allows users to control mining maintenance operations by managing and recording information from anywhere.

MEX specialises in everything from comprehensive asset management and daily maintenance management to automatic stores ordering and statutory reports. Any company that needs to track its assets, parts, labour or simply manage its workload, will benefit from choosing MEX.

Maintenance and inventory software for mine operations

MEX delivers simplicity and functionality to ensure mining operations are always on top of their maintenance and inventory needs.

MEX can be easily deployed in any workplace. With a one-click installation process and seamless periodic updates, users will spend less time worrying about implementation and can concentrate on their assets.

Modular mine management system

MEX maintenance software is designed as a number of separate modules, namely Asset Register, Requests, Work Order, Preventative Maintenance, Inspections and History, Statutory Reporting, Readings, Invoices, Inventory, Purchasing and Security. The MEX iOS supported platform is also available to make information accessible on-the-go, for when decision-makers are in the field or at another site.

The Asset Register module allows users to record assets and measure their performance, as well as schedule reminders for maintenance. The Preventative Maintenance (PM) module allows you to keep track of any repetitive maintenance tasks that need to be completed, to ensure equipment is running optimally at all times.

Frequencies can be set using either a time or usage method, depending on the asset being tracked. Once this has been set-up, the PM module will automatically create a Work Order for the asset from your defined schedule, and record when it is due to be completed.

The Security module allows administrators to tailor the MEX system according to the needs of each user. The Readings module lets you track all of the readings produced. This can even be linked to SCADA, or most other recording systems.

Custom mine tracking with asset register and reporting

A mining firm may seek a new maintenance management system for many reasons, such as a plant failure, continued reactive maintenance procedures, or requiring additional tools a flexible Asset Register and statutory reporting. In addition, some operations simply outgrow an existing CMMS, as they can be difficult to deploy or unable to be customised.

This is where MEX stands out. MEX offers a wide range of features and can grow and adapt along with your business.

MEX is easy-to-use, offers an Asset Register, statutory reporting, can be customised to suit each company's needs, and has an iOS app to provide mobile system access to contractors and employees in the field.

CMMS training and on-site tuition

After MEX software has been installed, the company offers a range of training options at varying levels, depending on how of the modular system will be used.

MEX has a two-day introduction course, which covers the whole CMMS at a basic level. More specific courses are available such as report writing, advanced and stores module training, which are all one-day long.

It is not necessary to complete the introduction in order to attend the short courses; users can choose the areas most suitable for them.

MEX also offers private training and consulting for up to ten people that can be conducted at the client's site.

Maintenance system data hosting

MEX data hosting service offers customers the convenience and cost-saving of using the MEX system without investing in hardware or software to run it. The company would host your database and provide you with a link to access it.

This method guarantees reliability with more than 99% uptime and daily back-ups to ensure valuable data is never lost. Clients can access their data anywhere and at any time, easily and securely.

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Maintenance Experts is based in Queensland, Australia.

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