The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) has congratulated Canadian Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau on his election victory. It said that it looked forward to working with the government to enhance responsible mining and critical minerals development.

Pierre Gratton, president and CEO of MAC, stated; “Canada’s mining industry is well placed to provide the materials, specifically critical minerals, essential to healthcare, communications, and low-carbon technologies, and our sector would benefit from strategic government supports to ensure we are able to seize the opportunity before us.”

Canada currently has one of the planet’s cleanest energy grids, with 82% of generation coming from non-greenhouse gas emitting sources. Canada is also home to some of the lowest carbon intensity mineral and metal products anywhere in the world and has the potential to play a critical role in providing the mineral and metals needed for a global transition to greener energy.

The Liberal party’s platform included measures to position Canada’s mining industry to maximise emerging opportunities in critical minerals and battery electric vehicles and markets. MAC has shown support for proposed policies, including the doubling of the mineral exploration tax credit for materials on the Canadian list of critical minerals and commitments to reinforce the mines to mobility strategy.

This strategy will build “an end-to-end, sustainable battery supply chain, creating opportunities for Canadian workers from mineral extraction through to processing and manufacturing”.

Data from the MAC shows that mining is one of Canada’s most economically important sectors. It currently contributes C$107bn to the country’s total nominal gross domestic product and accounts for 19% of the value of Canadian goods exported. Canadian mining is also a significant employer, accounting for one in every 26 jobs across the country.

The Liberal government has already invested heavily in the sector. It made a C$40m investment in a C$112.4m project by the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation, supporting the creation of the Mining Innovation Commercialisation Accelerator (MICA) network in July. MICA aims to bring stakeholders from various fields to accelerate the development and commercialisation of innovative technologies to make the mining sector more productive and sustainable, is expected to be launched in October.