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Zachary Skidmore

Zachary Skidmore is a features writer, covering mining and power related news and insights.

Europe and the critical metals supply gap

A growing critical metals supply gap places Europe’s renewable generation goals at risk.

Growing the supply base of lithium

With lithium demand continuing to rise, new supply centres must be developed. We look into potential areas of growth.

Lithium shortages: threat or opportunity?

Over the past two years, the price of lithium has risen 13-fold. We explore the causes behind the increase and potential challenges to upscaling.

Q&A: Mining in a post Covid-19 world

We speak to Emiral Resources about what the mining industry must do to ensure a successful recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Fragmentation of the copper supply chain

Covid-19 laid bare many of the vulnerabilities of the mining supply chain, particularly in copper. We consider the potential solutions to reduce fragmentation.

What does the Australian election mean for the commodities industry?

Australians have voted widely in favor for more concrete climate action. We examine what this means for the mining industry.

Responsible mining in the 21st century

Mining companies are becoming more heavily scrutinised over the efficacy of their ESG policies, posing the question: can the industry commit to responsible mining.

BHP’s copper and nickel output hit by Covid absenteeism and local unrest

BHP has cut its copper production target for this year due to problems at its Escondida mine in Chile and Covid-related labour constraints.

Gazprombank demands repayment of loan from Petropavlovsk

Gazprombank has demanded the immediate repayment of $201m and a further $87.1m by 26 April.

Peruvian ministry to negotiate with community groups over Coroccohuayco mine

The negotiations are aimed at finding solutions to potential social and environmental problems the project could cause.