ExynAI now explores large, complex environments in a single flight. Find out how Exyn flies beyond-line-of-sight without GPS or a pilot

Autonomous flight goes further, faster

Level 4 is reliable autonomy. ExynAI does not need a pilot to step in at any point during flight and it can plan it’s flight path based on the environment, not a waypoint or moving target.

Now flying at up to 2 meters per second, capture more data, in more complex environments, in a single flight.

Reliable Aerial Autonomy

ExynAI, now with Autonomy Level 4, enables safe flight in the most dangerous industrial environments.

Autonomous Flight for Mission-Critical Industries

Engineered for flexibility, ExynAI uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning to adapt to virtually any industrial application.

Aerial Autonomy Level 4

ExynAI has achieved Autonomy Level 4, based on standards in the automotive industry. Exyn’s roboticists have taken the essence of those standards and expanded upon them to showcase how they apply to aerial platforms.