Cavity Monitoring System

The ExynAero launches at the press of a button, and navigates pilot-free through the entire stope in a single flight. Upgrade your cavity monitoring system with the most advanced autonomous drones in the industry.

Deep Exploration

You’ve never seen a drone fly like this. The ExynAero, now with Autonomy Level 4, explores an enitre volume in a single flight, pilot free.

Lightning Fast Post Processing

Exyn sets the industry standard for high-speed map post-processing. Survey teams process data right on the tablet, as soon as the EXYNAERO returns home. Whether they are still underground, or back at the control center, the entire process takes less time than the flight.

Dundee Precious Metals

Dundee Precious Metals reveals how Exyn’s fully autonomous aerial drones are transforming their cavity monitoring systems with increased safety and maximum efficiency. Featuring Iliya Garkov, VP and Managing Director and Sergei Mihalev, Chief Surveyor.

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