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VEI Group

Manufacture, Installation and Servicing of On-Board Weighing Systems

Piazza G Zanella, 1/A,
36066 Sandrigo,

Piazza G Zanella, 1/A,
36066 Sandrigo,

VEI manufactures and services on-board weighing solutions and payload management equipment worldwide. VEI’s solutions can be found on a diverse range of industrial vehicles, including excavators, wheeled loaders, rigid dump trucks, forklift trucks, articulated dump trucks and underground load haul dumpers (LHDs).

VEI’s new generation of devices feature a bright colour display that the company claims is unequalled elsewhere in the industry. The devices have excellent visibility in direct sunlight and the VEI software interface makes them easy to use, with wireless connection availability making weighing data available anywhere in real-time. With a worldwide trained network of companies, VEI promises a high level of service and technical back-up. Its systems can be linked to third-party dispatch systems with ready communication protocols in place.

Payload monitoring saves money

Transporting mining equipment is expensive, so it is essential to record every tonne of material that is moved in order to understand the driving cost per tonne and the corresponding capability of the haulage trucks and loading excavators.

A four-pass load may be logistically cheaper than a seven-pass load, meaning a different machine is required. With its on-board weighing solutions and payload monitoring, VEI meets the need to drive down haulage costs with a range of high-tech devices mounted on-board the loader, haulage truck or excavator that are capable of delivering the tonnage loaded or hauled. Payload monitoring is delivered by easy-to-use software applications that are wirelessly linked to the on-board device, or by connecting the VEI device with any brand of on-board fleet-dispatching system.

VEI’s worldwide installations have provided customers with the ability to manage and control loads and drive down cost per tonne rates through production increases of 15%, purely from payload monitoring. Customers can efficiently plan equipment size, quantity and availability, as well as improve maintenance procedures and operator training. Overloads were reduced to zero for more efficient equipment parking.

Innovative on-board weighing technology

VEI’s Millennium5 and HelperX new generation take into consideration in-cabin space, ergonomics, visibility, ease of use and connectivity, while reducing the amount of componentry. The casing design has undergone several stages of prototyping and test application on the machines, in order to validate the project aims. The upper casing surrounding the display is designed to protect the display and to shield it from bright lights. The optional printer casing has been designed to be incorporated on the bottom of the device, requiring minimum space and developing the whole unit into the vertical axis, which still allows perfect visibility from the machine when applied to the cabin pillar, enabling the ease of manoeuvring to remain untouched.

The device incorporates all necessary components, without the need for any external black boxes, which are often damaged by harsh working and climate conditions. This is a further benet for industrial vehicle manufacturers searching for field-proven solutions. The new generation has undergone environment testing at TUV for salty atmosphere, dust, extreme temperatures, shocks and vibrations.

User-friendly weighing devices

The device screen provides excellent visibility in bright sunlight, even when compared to an iPhone. VEI’s technology expertise has enabled the company to develop a powerful CPU to drive the graphics on the display, keeping costs down to meet the market’s basic weighing system requirements.

The devices feature a user-friendly interface, which has attracted positive feedback from both customers and operators in the first few months of its market launch; the device has a ‘cool’ appearance and the ease of use comes from the graphics and full text help of its navigation. The software structure enables original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to have their own software customised for the typical application where the device is going to be used. The J1939 CANbus extends possibilities even further when working with manufacturers on the design of a single unit governing the entire machine.

Connectivity and two-way communication 24/7

Connectivity is an important aspect of today’s working environment and VEI’s new generation devices offer short range RF, WiFi and GPRS / 3G.

Data can be linked to a remote location, keeping the machine working in the field while it remains continually connected to the central operational site for two-way communication. This reduces the time delay between loading and invoicing or production, enabling instant decision-making and allowing the machine to load for authorised customers only.

Payload monitoring software for mobile devices

Access your site’s Payload Monitoring information on your tablet, smart phone or computer from wherever you are.

Whether you use the USB or wireless data transfer, the payload information ends up in a single database where it can be exported to a billing software. allows the user to generate different types of reports, track their inventory in real-time, and perform sales analysis and machine productivity. With, production and sales are linked to billing, cutting administration filing time drastically and making business operations more efficient.

VEI Group Releases Brochure for Onboard Weighing Scale

VEI On Board Weighing Solutions offers an innovation in production monitoring with its new Millennium5 for articulated dump trucks (ADTs) to weigh while loading. Download the free brochure for more product information.

VEI Group Loader Scales Improve Hauler Fuel Efficiency

The Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi project mine in Mongolia has installed VEI loader scale Millennium5 on big loaders, in order to load trucks to the nominal capacity, preventing overloading and drive down haulage costs. Download the free product brochure to learn how VEI Group could improve your fuel efficiency.


The VEI booth attracted visitors with its shining and powerful graphics and new products, such as the ADT truck weighing and the remote printout with VKIOSK. The new scales millennium5 and HelperX gathered a lot of attention from visitors and received positive feedback from customers across North America, who already use them; they have made a strong impact after only one year on the market.

TRACKWEIGHT Brings Live Loading Data

TRACKWEIGHT brings live loading data directly from the loading machine into your computer. How? Data are sent to the internet directly from your loader and then collected from any computer in the world. The advantages from this VEI product are an industry revolutionary step towards real time payl

Helper 21 Portable Four Wheel Scale Becomes Legal for Trade

With the Helper 21 loader scale approved for sales purposes in Europe, customers can now count on a portable four wheel legal scale to have anywhere a material loading and sale is involved. Helper 21 is not only a weight indicator but it also handles databases like customers, products,

VEI Group Releases Free White Paper

VEI Group has released a new white paper called Loader Data Transferral Software. The company provides state-of-the-art on-board weighing systems to mining and other industries, including helper21, the first on-board weighing system, which integrates the palm concept with a unique VEI o

VEI Group

Piazza G Zanella, 1/A

36066 Sandrigo