VEI Group Loader Scales Improve Hauler Fuel Efficiency

Velocity, breaking and road surface can have a significant impact upon the payload that trucks can transport. Due to this, the Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi project mine in Mongolia has installed VEI loader scale Millennium5 on big loaders, in order to load trucks to the nominal capacity, preventing overloading and drive down haulage costs.

After just two months of operation, results are showing a fuel consumption reduction of 15% due to the elimination of underloads, waiting times at the loading site when the truck was overloaded, and overload fuel consumption. Now with the VEI Loader scale operators can also control production, know the total by loading site, understand the loading cycle time and where to improve it, have the total haulage by truck, the litres of diesel to produce one tonne; all unknown factors before.

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