Frame vulcanizers

Downtime is critical when repairing a damaged belt. The two-piece frame construction greatly reduces press assembly and disassembly time for a fast, hot vulcanized splice. The FRAME vulcanizer with the patented ALMEX pressure bag system when combined with the flexible aluminium heating platens, provides uniform pressure and temperature on the splice area. The frame design is available in various configurations to give maximum versatility to the belt user.

Sectional vulcanizers

When portability and versatility are critical, the sectional-style vulcanizer is the press of choice. Even the largest presses can be knocked down into portable components. The Sectional modular design sets up quickly and efficiently. Multi-platen arrangements can be configured to decrease or increase in size to provide solutions for various belt widths and splice lengths. Components from the sectional model can also be used with smaller platens to form spot repair presses.

Repair vulcanizers

Continual conveyor belt maintenance and repair ensures long conveyor belt life. Repairing holes, rips and edge wear as soon as they happen prevents costly downtime. Shaw Almex offers several vulcanizers that are designed for effective repairs to all kinds of belting including: spot and puncture repair, belt edge repair and longitudinal rips.