Three good reasons to use XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology

  • XBEE naturally improves fuel quality and solves all problems related to organic contaminants.
  • XBEE reduces your fuel consumption and quickly pays for itself.
  • XBEE improves your environmental footprint and reduces all gas emissions

Why use XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology?

Protects your fuel and engine

Standard fuel is often contaminated and does not burn correctly, building up soot and carbon deposits in engines.

Stage 1: Easy to use, natural, and safe

Adding XBEE to any type of fuel safely removes water, sludge, and the organic debris that contaminate and damage fuel systems.

How does XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology work?

Stage 2: Oxygenation and combustion

XBEE hyper-oxygenates the fuel during combustion, reducing soot in the exhaust and gradually eliminating carbon deposits.

Stage 3: Reducing polution

With regular use of XBEE, both fuel system and engine are kept clean. This optimises the combustion performance of the engine and lowers wasted fuel and exhaust pollution.

How does an enzyme work?

The hydrocarbon molecule, or ‘substrate’, binds to the enzyme’s active site. The enzyme shifts its shape to induce a tight fit, forming an enzyme/substrate complex. During the transition state, the substrate is split, forming new molecules, or ‘products’. The products are released and the enzyme can act again.

XBEE fuels in compliance with all standards

XBEE contains natural enzymes extracted from tree leaves, in a highly purified petroleum carrier.

XBEE itself is a chemical-free, pure fuel.

Fuels treated with XBEE remain in compliance with all liquid fuel standards, even if overdosed.

XBEE fuels are compatible with all engines

XBEE is an ashless product that contains no chemicals, no alcohols, or metals. Thanks to its natural composition, it is harmless and completely safe to all alloys in engines.

DNV (Norway) and VPS (Netherlands)

These laboratories analyse pure XBEE and determined that our technology is completely safe for all engines.

Wärtsilä Finland Oy

The engine manufacturer issued a letter of “No-objection” to the use of the technology in their engines.

Mak/Caterpillar (Germany)

The OEM conducted diesel engine combustion tests with XBEE at their Department of Motor Development and Testing. Consequently, they issued a letter of recommendation, noting XBEE’s safety and efficacy, as well as its positive effects on the environment.

XBEE cleans fuel tanks and engines

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology is detergent-free, yet cleans the entire fuel system, including tanks, piping, filters, and water separators, and by improving combustion, carbon deposits are eliminated, cleaning up the engine and exhaust system.

As XBEE breaks down organic contaminants into small, combustible particles, fuel filters last longer and water separators function more efficiently.

The same catalytic function that cleans the fuel also breaks down large fuel molecules, particularly polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH). This reduces soot. Combustion chamber deposit are reduced, and less soot enters the lube oil.

XBEE removes impurities and stabilises fuels

When fuels is in motion, XBEE acts as a mild surfactant, slowly dispersing water bottoms as microscopic drops, without forcing harmful emulsion or damaging fuel lubricity.

Corrosion is reduced as fuel remains dry and free from water-related problems.

XBEE disperses fuel-derived organic debris, including oxidative gums and asphaltenes that precipitate from aged or contaminated fuel, which forms gums and corrosive sludge.

Reducing asphaltenes also improves the compatibility of fuel oils from mixed sources, stabilising fuel oils with low aromatic reserves.

XBEE reduces maintenance costs and fuel consumption

Cleaner fuel and better combustion result in:

  • Less frequent or even no need for tank cleaning
  • Less downtime for engine maintenance and repairs
  • Extended life of fuel filters, injectors, pumps, exhaust valves, pitons, and rings
  • Lower oil and oil filter consumption

XBEE reduces smoke and greenhouse gas emissions

XBEE Enzyme Fuel Technology improves both fuel cleanliness and combustion, resulting in significant reductions of all exhaust gases and particles, such as toxic soot, unburned hydrocarbons, NOx, and SOx.

Reducing fuel consumption is the easiest way to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide. When you use XBEE, you are reducing CO₂ and your energy footprint, saving money at the same time.

XBEE is easy to use and pays for itself

One solution to all your fuel related problems:

Standard dosage ratio is one litre of XBEE for 4,000 litres of fuel

Treat fuel directly in the storage tanks

Treat fuel at each and every bunkering operation for optimum performance.