Welcome to Qtec Fire Services, your premier destination for comprehensive and specialized training services tailored for OEMs, Dealers, Mining, Forestry, and general fire company contractors. We offer a diverse range of training programs designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to proficiently handle and operate fire suppression systems.

Service Training (2-3 Hours):

This training delves into parts recognition, service procedures, fault identification, and operation of both the Standard and Compact VDAS foam spray fire suppression systems. Starting with fundamental system and parts recognition, participants progress to advanced fault finding and servicing techniques.

Dealer Training (1 Day):

Geared towards dealers, this comprehensive training spans parts recognition, design, installation, service, fault finding, and operation of the Standard and Compact VDAS systems. The curriculum covers everything from basic system recognition to design, installation, commissioning, and servicing. Participants undergo a multi-choice test and are treated to a tour of our manufacturing processes in Brisbane, complete with lunch and a firsthand view of our facilities (closed shoes/boots required).

Operation Training (1 – 1.5 Hours):

Specifically crafted for equipment operators, this training imparts a foundational understanding of fire suppression systems. Covering parts recognition, system operation, daily checks, and fault recognition, it ensures operators comprehend how the system functions as a safety mechanism and its impact on machine operation.

VDAS System Training:

All our training sessions at Qtec Fire Services are exclusively focused on Qtec OEM systems. We explore their performance, capabilities, design flexibility, and ability to meet industry demands. While we discuss similarities to other foam spray systems, our primary aim is to ensure a thorough understanding of our systems and related products.

Training Locations:

Our training programs are available both at our Brisbane facility and on-site. For on-site training, quotes are provided to cover flights, accommodation, and travel expenses.

At Qtec Fire Services, we are dedicated to providing top-tier training services that empower individuals to handle fire suppression systems with expertise and confidence. Join us to elevate your knowledge and skill set in fire safety equipment operation and maintenance.

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