Experience precision engineering and superior quality with Qtec Fire Services’ state-of-the-art machining capabilities. We specialize in delivering top-tier 2D and full 3D machining solutions across low, medium, and high-volume production, ensuring pinpoint accuracy and adherence to the strictest quality control procedures.

At Qtec Fire Services, our commitment to excellence begins with meticulous quality control. We maintain stringent measures to guarantee the production of products meeting the highest industry standards. Utilizing our database system, we track and store tooling lists, improved manufacturing programs, and procedures. With capabilities to work within tolerances of +/- 0.025mm across various materials, we prioritize detailed product drawings for ongoing jobs, ensuring precision and accuracy every time. Pioneering the fire industry, we engineer and manufacture our components, enabling us to conduct comprehensive quality checks and swiftly adapt to industry changes.

From conceptual drawings to testing phases, Qtec Fire Services leads in designing new products. Our seasoned team excels in innovation, constantly striving to elevate and improve our product line.

Our commitment to excellence involves continual investments in cutting-edge equipment, machines, and ongoing training for our tradesmen and apprentices. This dedication ensures that we consistently offer our customers the best products, maintaining global competitiveness.

QTEC Fire Services CNC Machines:

Quicktech I-42 Ultimate (10 Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn with dual b-axis)

Quicktech T-8 Hybrid (9 Axis Twin Spindle Mill/Turn)

TongTai TD-2500YBC (5 Axis Multi-Tasking Turning Centres)

Chiah Chyn WTS-65Y2M (10 Axis Multi-Tasking Turning Centres)

TongTai TMV 1050QII (Vertical Machining Centre)

TongTai HMV SH4000P (Horizontal Machining Centre with pallet changer)

RF RSB – 38Y (Sliding headstock/Swiss-type machine)

Rely on Qtec Fire Services’ cutting-edge machining capabilities for precision engineering that surpasses industry standards. Our expertise, innovative approach, and advanced machinery ensure the highest quality products for your needs. Contact us today to experience the pinnacle of machining.