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Roymec Technologies

Filtration, Screening, Thickening and Separation Equipment and Processes

10 Saddle Drive, Woodmead Office Park,
Cnr Woodmead Drive and Van Reneen Avenue,
Woodmead - Sandton, Johannesburg,
South Africa

10 Saddle Drive, Woodmead Office Park,
Cnr Woodmead Drive and Van Reneen Avenue,
Woodmead - Sandton, Johannesburg,
South Africa

Roymec Technologies is a specialist engineering and project management company providing equipment, plant design and turnkey construction solutions and services in the fields of screening, filtration, thickening, ion-exchange, coalescing, clarification and allied processes for the mining industry.

Mineral processing equipment and technologies

Roymec Technologies has supplied processing equipment and technologies to most mineral sectors, including gold, copper, zinc, coal, PGMs, ferrometals, nickel, phosphate and cobalt to name a few, and boasts reference installations in 25 countries on five continents. Our blue-chip client base include mining companies such as Anglo American, BHP Billiton, Freeport-McMoran and FQML.

Mineral processing equipment design

Our exemplary performance is due to a robust process and equipment audit with high consideration given to efficiency, reliability and economic value. Roymec uses a combination of approaches to equipment selection and design, including laboratory and pilot testwork, first principles and in-house developed computer automated iterative design programs, together with a wealth of actual-site experience, to arrive at the most optimum plant and equipment configuration.

Conventional and high-rate thickener units

We provide conventional and high-rate thickener units up to 75m diameter with a range of sidewall and centre-pier-mounted bridge designs, electric and hydraulic drives, and fully integrated lift mechanism. Designs include fully automatic thickener control systems, feed dilution and integration with local ancillary equipment and the entire plant circuit.

Roymec’s thickener range includes conventional, high-rate, high-density / pseudo-paste, deep cone (raked and unraked), CCD, clarifiers and underground settler units, all designed to operate under the most arduous plant conditions.

Vacuum belt filtration technology for cake-washing applications

Roymec offers 0.5m2 to 120m2 robust, efficient and cost-effective vacuum belt filters (VBF). VBF units are versatile, continuous, operator-free and ideally suited for cake-washing applications where their benefit in terms of cake wash efficiency is unrivalled.

Flocculant and reagent plants for the mining industry

Roymec offers a full range of automatic and manual make-up and dosing plants with capabilities from 0.5kg/hr to 3,000kg/hr. These novel, continuous, packaged make-up and dosing systems reduce powder handling, offer simplified overall operation, and minimised tank volumes and wastage. The systems also offer significant cost benefits, reduced power and footprint requirement.

Mining-plant automatic filter presses

Roymec offers Filmac automatic filter presses with plate sizes from 300mm to 2,000mm. Filmac installations can be found in Africa, all over Europe and Asia. More than 250 units have been installed in chemical, mining, paper and various other industrial and municipal applications. Filmac’s unique CRS system allows the filter unit to discharge cake without operator attendance.

Carbon filters, coalesces, dual media and co-matrix filters

Roymec supplies carbon filters, coalesces, dual media and co-matrix™ filters from Spintek Filtration. Over 100 Spintek installations exist on various plants across the world, in coalescing and media filtration applications. Applications exist on major plants treating high-throughput volumes and achieving exceptional results.

Twin-wire belt presses and linear belt screens for screening and dewatering

A wide range of belt presses and linear belt screens are available from Roymec for the dewatering of various mineral and industrial slurries. Linear belt screens are simple, robust units designed for high volumetric flows and offer unrivalled efficiency in oversize removal.

Ion exchange and chromatographic separation systems

Roymec offers counter-current ion exchange and chromatographic separation systems from Outotec’s Septor Technologies. Septor’s process efficiency is unrivalled compared to conventional fixed-bed systems.

Vacuum and pressure disc and drum filters for mining applications

Roymec supplies Bokela vacuum and pressure disc and drum filtration technology and provides filters from 2m2 to 280m2 in size. Use of steam injection, roller discharge, novel feed trough and vacuum head designs enhance overall filter performance. Bokela specialises in the retrofit of existing installations to improve throughput and efficiency.

Pin-bed clarifier units

Roymec provides Waterex deep-cone pin-bed clarifiers for the generation of high-quality overflows and/or high-density underflows. Units offer a combined ultra-high rate thickener and pinned floating bed media filter all in one vessel. Units provide consistent, reliable operations with an overall reduction in suspended solids down to below 10ppm.

Fixed-bed ion exchange and resin elution systems

Roymec offers fully assembled, skid-mounted fixed-bed ion exchange and resin elution systems with full instrumentation, piping, valving and control. The units offer a low-cost design with emphasis on maximum recovery and flexible operation.

This turnkey concept includes circuit integration and attention to aspects such as resin screening, solution clarification, resin elution and reagent minimisation.

Roymec Technologies Launches a New Thickener Feedwell Technology

The past two years have seen Roymec complete several innovative product development milestones but by far our greatest efforts have been spent on intensive research and development on thickener technology, and we are launching a new thickener feedwell (RADFLOWTM) technology into the market.

Zambia Plans Return to The Glory Days of Mining

Roymec Technologies has been involved with the Zambian mining industry for over 10 years now supplying equipment to several metallurgical plant projects on the copperbelt. In the last year we have received orders for a Flocculant plant for Mopani Copper Mines – Nkana plant, Pinned Medi

Business as Usual at Roymec Technologies

"It’s business as usual at Roymec Technologies," says sales director Hoosen Essack. "The independent and privately owned ten-year old company continues its successful operations from its Johannesburg offices." The company has had an association with materials handling company Roymec (P

Roymec Technologies Partners with Skorpion Zinc to Solve PLS Clarification

As background, Skorpion Zinc has not been able to reduce the PLS suspended solids to the stringent specification levels required for zinc solvent extraction. The mine has trialed numerous clarification technologies since start up, including sand filters, conventional large diameter cla

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