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Roymec Technologies Launches a New Thickener Feedwell Technology

The past two years have seen Roymec complete several innovative product development milestones but by far our greatest efforts have been spent on intensive research and development on thickener technology, and we are launching a new thickener feedwell (RADFLOWTM) technology into the market.

Having employed the services of a Wits University post-graduate, who is not directly involved in the mining industry Roymec believes Dr Alexei Krassnokutski has brought an entirely novel approach to thickeners and to feedwell design and efficiency inhibitors.

The more efficient feedwell design means that thickeners could operate close to the average flocculant settling rate measured during testwork. This is equivalent to saying that a traditional (current) thickener could be replaced with a thickener of almost half the area when utilising the RADFLOWTM feedwell. The RADFLOWTM feedwell is set to revolutionise the current thickener offering in the market place.

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