Durham Geo have announced this new SRX Landfill Pump, an air-powered pump used to extract leachate or gas condensate at variable rates equal to the well recharge. Pump flow rates are up to 9.5g/m at temperatures up to 250°F.

In wells under vacuum with the pump exhaust vented outside the well seal, the SRX pump can maintain the normal draw-down level when the air-exhaust line is equipped with the optional ‘E’-valve (part #TR-696) located below the well seal.

Better value

  • More uptime
  • Reliability
  • Simple maintenance
  • Competitive price
  • Easy replacement for existing pump
  • Fewer parts to inventory


  • Advanced, positive-sealing air valves with built-in filtration
  • Tolerant of high temperatures
  • Complete disassembly with only one wrench
  • All-stainless-steel body
  • Domed bottom to prevent hang-ups during installation
  • Durable Ebonite float
  • Lightweight pump
  • CE and ATEX compliant