cutaway pump

Verderhus’ range of screw centrifugal pump units have been specially designed for the conveyance of a variety of thick slurries, viscous sludges and abrasive media, which makes them an ideal solution for a variety of water treatment and wastewater scenarios.

The product line has excellent utility in agricultural and related facilities such as abattoirs, where chicken necks and bone-laden animal waste is pumped and macerated food, or crops in the production of biogas.

Advantages of Verderhus screw channel pumps include:

  • Clog-free operation and reliability for your process
  • Highly efficient, low-energy consumption
  • Solids pumping up to 30% of the flow volume
  • Low-shear, gentle pumping action, results in less damage to the product
  • Minimal wear, even with abrasive fluids, longest life time

Typical application areas for Verderhus screw channel pumps:

  • Wastewater treatment
  • Slaughter houses
  • Chemical processing
  • Mining
  • Paper pulp
  • Industrial processing
  • Construction
  • Pet food processing
  • Food and beverage manufacturing

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