You have been working hard all year…

Why not start your Christmas break off with a BANG – or a hundred!

Top Gun Paintball is offering a FREE 100 PAINTBALLS for each player who plays at our fields during December 2013 & January 2014 – Just for you to show everyone how much you have missed them.

For a Christmas holiday to remember we are offering all mining employees, family AND friends an experience like no other to get the party started.

With all our fields re-developed and new equipment, we offer the best paintball experience in Brisbane!

A game of paintball is the perfect for people of all ages and abilities, plus you don’t need any previous experience to take part.

It’s also a great ice-breaker… so if you want to release some Christmas stress you can legally shoot the boss, husband, son, mother-in-law – there’s no better way than by handing them all a paintball gun and letting them ‘resolve’ their differences on the battle field. Pretty great huh?

All packages include:

  • Full facemask and goggles
  • Camouflage clothing
  • Semiautomatic marker
  • 100 FREE PAINTBALLS plus paintballs per package you chose
  • Harness
  • Breast plate for women

The offer is valid right now, so ring our office on +61 7 3847 1933 to place your booking.