Registration is open for this year’s CIFA Academy courses. The course schedule has been set up and the dates are confirmed.

CIFA Academy courses in February 2014
4 – 5 February, there will be a course for Italian operators who want to obtain their pump operator certification, in accordance with the provisions of Law Decree no. 81 April 2008. Cost: €350.

18 – 21 February, there will be a special four-day course in English on pumping units, which will explain their functionalities and how to locate malfunctions. It will subsequently be repeated in Italian. Cost: €1,000.

26 – 27 February, there will be a course in English on the safe use of concrete pumps. Cost: €400.

Scheduled CIFA ACADEMY courses during the year also include:

  • Functionality and locating malfunctions for the open circuit and closed circuit pumping unit, a course on the non-destructive control of structures
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting when using the spritz system
  • Advanced hydraulics
  • Maintenance and repair of carbon fiber booms
  • Repairs and structural controls
  • In-depth analysis of machine directive EN 12001

For information about CIFA Academy courses and training, visit the company’s website.