At the Stena Nordic Recycling Center (SNRC) in Halmstad, Sweden, REDWAVE XRF/C technology has been in use since the SNRC first started.

“The REDWAVE XRF/C sorter is great for ensuring the quality of our products. We are most likely to continue to invest in more of the very latest technology. For us, the first machine is just a beginning,” noted Mr. Sverker Rosdahl, manager at the SNRC, at the beginning of 2018. These were not just words.

Stena has recently invested in two large REDWAVE XRF/C sorting machines. The two machines will be used in line to sort various kinds of non-ferrous metals from each other, so that the set-up in series reduces material handling to a minimum.

Raw materials trading Bernhard Westarp GmbH & Co. KG

During the IFAT 2018 exhibition in Munich this year, REDWAVE received an order for two REDWAVE XRF/C machines. Only a few weeks after the first contact, Mr. Juergen Westarp, Managing Director of Westarp, decided to invest in two REDWAVE XRF/C sorting machines. Both machines will be used to sort various streams of non-ferrous metals. One machine will be deployed in the existing online process to remove PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards) and heavy metals, etc., from an input of mixed non-ferrous metals. The second machine will be used in an offline set-up to sort all types of non-ferrous metals into alloyed and unalloyed metal fractions. This set-up benefits from using the versatility of the machine, which is its main advantage.

As Mr. Juergen Westarp remarked: “I am convinced that overall the REDWAVE
XRF/C is the best available machine on the market and offers significant
advantages over other products.”

Westarp is a medium-sized family-owned enterprise with locations throughout Germany and more than 200 employees. They specialise in the treatment of metals and offer a broad based service concept in disposal of waste metal, from documentation to recovery of materials.