Hot Spots™, intended to be placed on the shaft end, or side face of conveyor idlers and rollers. With a temperature increase from failing bearings, Hot Spots™ white dots will become translucent at temperatures of ≥60°C as first warning of an elevated condition and ≥100°C for final warning of a deteriorated condition ±5°C, revealing the orange and red temperature emblazoned spots beneath in that order.

The value proposition from the top down using Cool Mines patented product the Hot Spots™ :

  • Effective compliance to legislations. A method of assessment of a hot idler / roller that is effective, reliable and consistent from person to person completing the inspections
  • Consistency of interpretation on the condition of an idler, between statutory officials and maintenance personal, leading to more effective decisions during and in between maintenance periods
  • An engineered control to support the mines inspection and maintenance protocols underpinning the SHMS and Fire Management Plan with regards to fires on conveyors
  • Reduce the practice of putting water on failed idlers to ‘manage’ them through. Catch them prior to the dangerous heating
  • Production uptime with reduced opportunities for conveyor idlers and rollers to enter a heated state undetected, leading to unscheduled downtime
  • Reduced conveyor belting damage from failed idlers and the tracking of belting into structure from failed idlers