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Two found dead and 20 trapped in Zimbabwe mine collapse

Two illegal miners were found dead with 20 still trapped following the collapse of a gold mine just outside of Kwekwe, central Zimbabwe, on Wednesday. Police spokesman Paul Nyathi said yesterday that the miners have been trapped since entering for a night shift and that rescuing efforts are ongoing.

Bolsonaro’s bill to allow commercial mining on indigenous lands

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro yesterday put forward a bill to be sent to congress that will allow commercial mining on indigenous lands. The bill would allow mining on protected indigenous lands, including oil and gas projects and hydroelectric dams.

“Fatality cycle” behind Queensland’s avoidable mining deaths: report

Avoidable mining deaths in Queensland, Australia are attributable to a ‘fatality cycle’, a pattern in the mining sector where there is an increase then decrease in vigilance; increased safety measures are observed for only a short time following worker deaths. This was the conclusion of a comprehensive review of the mining sector made public by the state government today.

Proposed Queensland law re-frames mining deaths as industrial manslaughter

New laws in Queensland, Australia could see executives of mines and quarries facing a maximum of 20 years in jail for negligence in worker deaths, with companies receiving fines of up to AUD13m. The new laws, introduced today by the Palaszczuk government mines minister Dr Anthony Lynham, propose that senior officers of a mine or quarry company can be put on trial for industrial manslaughter.