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Infographic: Uranium’s past, future and potential

Uranium is a heavy metal with a weighty future, as scientists continue to unlock its potential as a source of energy. Much like any commodity, the price of uranium is open to the ebb and flow of market pressures. Add to that risks involved in nuclear energy generation and the fact the metal itself is not too common, and the best use of uranium is likely to fuel debate for decades to come.

Rock blasting detonics: inside the mining industry’s biggest bangs

The approach taken towards understanding explosions in the mining industry may best be described as ‘trial and error’, but a new team of scientists is setting out to change this. Using advanced computational modelling systems, Blue Dog Scientific is shedding light on some of the intricacies of rock blasting, with explosive results.

Infographic: bear vs bull – how the markets impact gold

Bear and Bull markets have an impact on the daily buying and selling of Gold. In both cases, there are several factors influencing how gold would do in a sub $1300 per ounce situation. To find out click on the Bear and Bull infographics below.

Small-scale faults lead to golden finds in the mines of Western Australia

Identifying the spatial relationship between geological features, such as fault lines and gold traces, is not only important to understand how deposits form, but could lead to a whole new era of predictive mineral maps. Authors of a new study at St Ives Goldfields in Western Australia, Zheng-Xiang Li from Curtin University and his colleague, Dr Carsten Laukamp, from CSIRO, explain why small-fault lines are more likely to produce gold than larger ones and which techniques are best to find deposits.