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Processing Plants and Separation Machinery for Wet Mechanical and Water Management Processing

Hydrocyclones AKA-VORTEX and Annular Distributors AKA-SPIDER

AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH

Hydrocyclones are important and economically valuable components for wet-mechanical separation and classifying processes of minerals and mineral raw materials, matured construction, compact design and continuously developed and improved. Annular distributors in fully automatic mode allow a homogeneous and equal pressure distribution on every hydrocyclone in operation. AKA-VORTEX and AKA-SPIDER are applied across the industry in various areas: sorting, desliming, closed circuit grinding, solids recovery, classification.

Principle of operation

Centrifugal forces are the effective principles of the separation processes in the hydrocyclones. The suspended particles are thrown radially to the outside. Due to the magnified field of force, high settling rates, fast separation and high load are obtained. Flow promoting designs ensure high accuracy of separation.