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High Performance Attrition Cells AKA-TRIT

AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH

The attrition process is used for cleaning raw and residual materials contaminated with absorbed impurities or pollutants.

In this process, the individual particles are stirred intensively in high-solid slurry, which causes any adherent pollutants or extremely fine particles to be rubbed off the particle surfaces. The patented high-performance attrition system of AKW Apparate + Verfahren GmbH enables a consistently effective attrition even under fluctuating inlet conditions.

Principle of operation

In high-performance attrition the process conditions can be selectively adjusted during the attrition by means of on-line measurement of the solids concentration and controlled recirculation of an already cleaned flow of coarse material or the addition of diluting water. The efficient measuring and control unit warrants that the attrition conditions are reliably maintained for the entire duration of the process and thus creates the preconditions for an effective cleaning action of the attrition process.