Mine transportation is one of the main mining processes and represents a significant percentage of total costs and expenses.
Transportation of material and people to the workplace is the key productivity indicator.

Loads are moved along vertical or inclined excavations with different incline angles.

But what if the inclination in a particular mine is greater than 30° and makes transportation difficult or even impossible? In many cases, these situations are solved by improvisation.

People walk, they often transport material by hand, in the worst case, the miners must excavate new transportation corridors.

As we discuss this issue with the people in charge of the mine transportation, we often hear that the excavations are done with an incline angle about 10 to 12 degrees.

Since Ferrit has been working with many mining experts, it is not only able to suggest and design comprehensive mine transport solution but specializes in development and production of a wide range of underground equipment with the ability to operate in these above-standard inclinations and therefore significantly lower the costs associated with mining and transportation.

This is how Ferrit technology transport material and people in these above-standard inclined excavations.