IMA Engineering Ltd is focused on developing and supplying technology, products and services for sampling and analyzing elements and minerals from ore and rock while processing.
The IMA online analyzer technology is used in various stages of the mining process for analyzing drill cores, drill cuttings, the material on conveyor belts and in loader buckets.
IMA’s “Online Mine” concept integrates analytical ore grade and geo-metallurgical information with ore location in benches, in muck-piles, in ROM pads and on conveyors with metallurgical data that that is fed forward to mill and concentrator for processing optimization and fed backwards to mine grade control and loading optimization.

This results in reduction in waste rock dilution and in ore losses, and in solutions to sort bulk material on conveyor belt based on their grade with IMA Bulk Ore Sorting Systems (BOSS).
The IMA provided online ore analysis information combined with location coordinates provides the ore value-based key data for the Big Data in Mining.