9 June

Poland has halted work at 12 coal mines for three weeks to contain the spread of Covid-19 among miners. Miners account for almost 20% of coronavirus cases that have been reported in the country. Denouncing the move, the Solidarity trade union said that the decision would lead to permanent closures as the government was already planning to restructure the industry. Poland Deputy Prime Minister Jacek Sasin was quoted by Reuters as saying that miners will receive complete pay for this period and there will be no impact on coal deliveries.

Indonesia’s Energy and Mineral Resources Ministry has opposed the request from coal miners in the country to relax coal royalty payments amid the Covid-19 pandemic. The Ministry non-tax state revenue of coal and minerals director Johnson Pakpahan was quoted by The Jakarta Post as saying that such relaxations would “disrupt government cash flows” during the time when Indonesia planned to disburse huge amounts in economic recovery schemes as well as relief programmes through the pandemic.

Datametrex has announced a purchase order of Covid-19 test kits from a Canada-based mining company for its Ontario and Quebec operations. Datametrex will provide testing kits and equipment to the mining company. The equipment and testing kits will be imported and distributed to the company at its operating sites in Ontario and Quebec, two provinces which account for 90% of Canada’s confirmed Covid-19 cases.

Antioquia Gold has reported that some delays have occurred in underground development and stope preparation at its Cisneros mining operation due to the Covid-19 pandemic and related contingencies. However, the company has restarted hiring of personnel and staffing levels are returning to pre-Covid-19 levels. Furthermore, several narrow vein stoping blocks are ready to be mined with the long hole stoping method. In the coming months, the blocks will contribute to increased feed grade.