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Matthew Hall

Mapping the rise of resource nationalism in Africa

With African nations among usual suspects for resource nationalism, we look at risk and what regulatory changes could be in the works.

Eyes on Greenland: how global superpowers can court Greenland in a rare earths tug of war

We investigate a Polar Research and Policy Initiative report that argues for a rare earths minerals partnership in Greenland.

Staff picks: policy changes to revolutionise Australia’s mining sector

With Australia reportedly mulling a net-zero emissions target that could bring its climate goals in line with other countries while also having a major effect on the country’s mining industry, our staff writers each identify one policy they would enact to equip Australia’s mining sector for the challenges ahead.

Made in Australia: why is the Pentagon investing in Australian rare earths?

Efforts by the US to reduce its reliance on China for rare earths have taken a new turn, with the Department of Defense now bankrolling a rare earths refinery in Texas, to be built by Australia’s Lynas Rare Earths. We look into this new example of state-level investment in rare earths projects, and what it could mean for the future of an ever-escalating resource conflict.

In space, no one can hear you mine: NASA’s blueprint for space mining

We look at the geopolitical dimension of space mining and what the future may hold for private space enterprises.

Covid-19 majorly disrupted mining supply chains – was it a taste of things to come?

South Africa’s state-owned ports and rail operator, Transnet, experienced disruptions at the start of 2021 owing to the impact of Cyclone Eloise on its lines – a bump in the road for the country’s post-pandemic economic rebound. With Transnet also responsible for transporting mining commodities out of the country, we look at the increasingly common threats to the mining supply chain.

Can a green revolution reinvigorate the UK steel industry?

UK think tank Common Wealth has put out proposals to make the UK a leader in green steel, warning that the UK cannot deliver on net-zero ambitions without greening the steel sector. Common Wealth argues that the government can reinvigorate this sector and make the UK a world leader in green steel technology and skills. We look at the proposals and explore whether the UK’s flagging steel industry might have a green future.

Can a new deep coal mine be reconciled with the UK’s climate pledges?

Proposals for Woodhouse Colliery would see Cumbria, in the northwest of England, play host to the UK’s first new deep coal mine in 30 years. The planning process has been contentious and despite backing from the UK Government, the mine’s approval is being reviewed by the local authority in light of new advice from climate advisers. We take a look at this project, and how it chimes with the UK’s decarbonisation pledges.

How China is moving beyond Australia for its iron ore hunger

China has a seemingly endless hunger for iron ore but the country’s relationship with one of its primary providers, Australia, has been tenuous following the political fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic. We take a look at how China has been investing in other nations to meet this hunger and how it may affect the wider iron ore market.

Q&A: Emiral Resources founder Boris Ivanov on smart mining after Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic brought unprecedented disruption to the mining industry. We speak to global commodities expert and Emiral Resources founder Boris Ivanov about innovations and trends in smart mining, and which technologies are in demand as miners look to rebound from the pandemic.