17 September

Canadian mining and metals company First Quantum Minerals said it does not expect any further disruptions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, with precautionary measures in place at all its operations. First Quantum’s Cobre Panama mine, which was shut in early April by order of Ministry of Health of the Republic of Panama (MINSA), has not recorded any Covid-19 cases on site since May.

The Minerals Council South Africa has announced the launch of its “Beyond the Mine Gate Field Guide”. This guide is aimed at empowering employees in the mining sector, by “promoting” and “supporting” safe and healthy behaviour within the communities. The field guide has been created with a specific focus on coronavirus-related safety guidance.

According to India’s coal ministry data, imports of thermal coal in the country fell by 41.5% to 32.9 million tonnes (Mt) during the second quarter this year (Q2-2020). Imports by utilities, which forms about three quarters of India’s coal use, fell 41%, Reuters reported. Lower coal imports is actually a good news for the country, as the Indian government is reportedly seeking to cut down fossil fuel imports.