The JMS Journey Management System helps businesses support their driving workforce and control the risks associated when employees need to embark on long journeys for work. Developed in collaboration with leading global mining and resources organisations, JMS ensures staff driving for work has all the necessary support they need, no matter where they are.

Intelligent monitoring software for remote mining workers

Originally developed to improve processes for the drive-in, drive-out (DIDO) market throughout the mining and resources markets, JMS now supports all industries that require their staff to be on the road for long distances.

Easy to use, compliant, and safe, the JMS remote worker monitoring software enables organisations to ensure the safety of their travelling workforce, with intuitive features such as automated check-ins, live GPS tracking, panic alarms, and verbal fatigue alerts.  Additionally, managers have real-time insights and live visibility of their staff for reassurance their team arrives at their destination safely.

Designed to ensure your driving workforce can remain focused on the road, JMS is completely hands-free and automated. The app provides essential verbal alerts to prevent driver fatigue, as well as automated check-ins so managers know their people are safe without needing to reach out to their drivers via SMS.

In the event of an emergency, drivers can also alert their team via the duress button. Even if the driver is in areas with limited or no mobile reception, JMS uses advanced GPS tracking to share the last known location with their team to quickly deploy support.

Fleet management solution for mining workforces

Global mining company Anglo American was experiencing significant challenges whenever their team needed to drive for work, with inconsistent journey management processes from region to region.

Managers had a concerning lack of visibility of their staff travelling on the road, with little support in place for their mobile workforce. The Anglo American team also hoped to simplify their expense claims processes and improve their emergency response communications.

In 2019, JMS launched the Anglo Road Travel App – a bespoke journey management app that directly solved all the challenges the Anglo American team were facing. Supported in multiple locations and time zones, the app featured multilingual functionality to serve thousands of users worldwide.

Land transport platform for improved driver transparency

Following two road-related incidents, CR Mining identified their team needed to improve the visibility of their DIDO workforce, remote worker safety, and implement better risk management processes.

Prior to using JMS, the CR Mining team were using paper-based journey management plans and had inadequate risk assessments and emergency response processes in place.

CR Mining partnered with JMS to help manage these critical risks within their business. The team needed a scalable solution that would enable CR Mining to ensure the safety of their people, no matter their location.

Deploying JMS throughout their operations not only allowed the CR Mining team to streamline their inefficient journey planning processes, but also provided managers with critical trip data insights.

With automated check-ins, accurate driver locations and advanced fatigue management features, JMS became the ultimate solution to keep the CR Mining team safe and supported whenever their people needed to get behind the wheel.

Keeping your remote and lone workers safe and secure

Stay connected to your mobile workforce and ensure they arrive safely with JMS. Our market-leading safety app ensures you’re equipping your team with the tools they need to reach help anytime, anywhere.

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