TowHaul understands that in order to maximize the life of your mobile equipment there needs to be a strategy to support it with planned maintenance kits.  You also need to know who to call and be confident that the parts you order will be designed and fabricated with the most advanced updates for your equipment. Today, we sit with Kristine Beardsley to answer questions about the number of ways that we will support your TowHaul equipment.

Tell us about you and your (parts team and how can we contact you directly?

When our customers need assistance, we have a dedicated team to quickly meet their needs by phone or email.  With over a century of combined experience, our in-house team is knowledgeable and experienced with our equipment and work with the customer to provide quick and reliable customer service.

TowHaul has taken steps to create a dedicated parts manufacturing line and stock commonly used wear components.  What have you noticed about your lead times?

We know that time is a valuable commodity and unplanned downtime affects production.  TowHaul has invested substantially in our parts inventory and dedicated parts production staff resulting in significantly reduced lead-times.  On average, the time from an order being received and packaged-ready to ship from our factory is 1-2 days on in-stock items.  If the part is not on our shelf, our parts production group can react in an instant often fabricating, painting and packaging a part within 7-10 days.

Does TowHaul accept SAP contracts?  How can we start that process?

TowHaul does accept SAP contracts and we encourage customers to implement these into your parts procurement process.  There are many benefits to contract pricing and the greatest of these is the transparency of pricing for a fixed amount of time and the ability to order parts without the need to have each component quotedindividually..  These tools save enormous amounts of time when parts are needed quickly.  Please contact to start this process.

What are the simplest ways to maximize the service life of our TowHaul lowboy?

We are often told by our customers that their TowHaul Lowboy is a priority 1 machine and therefore we know the equipment is critical to the mine’s long-term strategic plan. With this in mind, we want to help you maintain and service your TowHaul so it’s a reliable piece of production equipment for many years to come.  On average, TowHaul utilization is 2,000 hours per year and through planned maintenance, we can keep your TowHaul unit operating efficiently.  Planned maintenance covers daily walk-around inspections, lubrication requirements and hourly maintenance intervals. Each TowHaul unit has a customized PM schedule that should be utilized and implemented with your current maintenance strategies.  Implementing a successfully planned maintenance schedule extends the life of the TowHaul unit and minimizes unplanned downtime.  When the PM Schedule is combined with an SAP contract, these tools allow you to forecast and plan future maintenance and keep production on schedule.

TowHaul also has a monthly email newsletter with helpful tips specific to maintenance in addition to other TowHaul news and notes.  Please feel free to contact me or visit our website to sign up for the TowHaul newsletter.

How can we reach the TowHaul parts team?

Our contact email address has changed to to provide a single point of contact for parts support, request for quotations, purchase orders or any other questions you may have regarding your TowHaul equipment.   This is monitored by our dedicated parts support team to ensure we provide excellent customer service.   You can also call the factory direct at +1 (406) 388-3424.