Safety identification and custom mining signs are used across the industry to keep workers and site visitors alike safe and informed. Sturdy materials, clear text, and bold colouring are especially important in locations such as mines and tunnels where lighting, dust, or equipment may obscure important warning signs.

Mine owners can purchase a range of National Marker Company (NMC) custom mining signs in an array of materials, from rigid plastic to aluminium, and in a range of colours, through Carroll Technologies. Blasting area, danger area, do not enter, and highwall warning signs are all fully customizable to meet the need of the customer.

According to Carroll Technologies president Allen Haywood: “We sell a lot of their products, from tags to just anything in the area safety identification. We supply a lot of signage for escape areas, or especially during the pandemic, there is a lot of signage being put up telling people to wear protective face masks. Just about any type of custom signage is something that we can provide through Marker.

“National Marker is a great company and it has always been great to work with them. They’re very customer orientated.”

Having provided safety equipment for American mines for more than 30 years, Carroll is perfectly placed to recommend the most reliable and high-quality safety products, only endorsing trusted manufacturers. Customers who purchase custom mining signs through Carroll gain access to MinerCare 24/7, which encompasses around the clock technical support, rapid response to mining emergencies, factory authorized repair and an extensive stock of spare parts.

For more information about safety identification products, including National Marker custom mining signs and tags, call Carroll on 606-573-1000 or send an enquiry here.

This article was first published on Carroll Technologies