Ancor Loc Earth Systems Australia has been operating actively in Australia for near on 20 years as a distributor of ground anchor products, including Duckbill, Manta Ray and Stingray anchors, as well as Williams bar and ground anchors. The company’s anchors are percussion-driven, are used globally and have had over 35 years of engineering and testing as a civil product.

We talk with director Jeff de Cinque (pictured) about the company and it objectives for the upcoming year.

How did this develop for Ancor Loc into products for the mining sector?

Our products are very versatile and several years back we were approached to find a solution for holding down transportable buildings and site vans. Through an independent engineering company, Shirley Consulting, we developed a technical manual to assist engineers in design, installation and testing of our anchors for any application throughout Australia.

Our product has created a more cost-effective option in itself, as well as logistically over concrete pouring and concrete blocks which may not be economically viable in remote regions.

How do you want next year to look different for you and for your company in performance regarding supply chains?

Although we have a number of repeat clients, which is always satisfying, we would like to extend that with new clients and become a company that the mining industry can rely on.

Covid-19 has created many challenges, however, we have continued to build on our reputation and maintain our supply lines to our clients. Time is critical to all our clients, especially those we deal with in the mining industry.

We continue to be in a position to be able to hire out specialised installation equipment where necessary or for trial projects. Our equipment is compact and can fit into the back of a ute. Once a company has decided to purchase installation equipment we are more than happy to accommodate.

Tell us about your main product.

Our Duckbill anchor is our “bread and butter product” due to its versatility. It is environmentally friendly, simple but effective, can be load tested immediately after installation and we can provide a recovery time objective (RTO) to ensure installers are installing according to engineering specifications.

How does Ancor Loc implement their assets for cost-efficiency in this current economic market?

Our anchors are easily tested and maintained, our tie-down assemblies can be left on the buildings or placed inside the building and reused on the camps next project.

Long after purchase, how do Ancor Loc equipment maintain its efficiency and effect on the environment for your clients

Our products are easily maintained and replaced if necessary, on camp shut down the cables are cut just below ground level and will corrode away over time with minimal environmental impact.

What do you want to do next?

Ancor Loc’s next step is to keep a strong rapport with our existing clients, as well as cater to new clients. We will also look at having more reputable distributors throughout Australia.