Ancor Loc Australia is a distributor of earth and ground anchor systems for the mining industry.

We offer Duckbill, Manta Ray and Sting Ray percussion-driven earth anchors, which act as a toggle bolt in the soil.

They are environmentally friendly and can bear loads achieve loads from 125kg to 35t for a variety of applications. We also distribute Williams Ground and Rock anchors for complex anchoring needs.

Ancor Loc Australia offers Duckbill, Manta Ray and Sting Ray percussion driven earth anchors.
Our anchors are environmentally friendly and can bear loads achieve loads from 125kg to 35t.
We pride ourselves on delivering quality products customer service.
Our state-of-the art solutions are suitable for mining applications.
We support our customers throughout the design, planning and construction phases of their projects
Ancor Loc can supply equipment for your most complex anchoring needs.

Safe and environmentally friendly anchoring solutions for the mining industry

Duckbill anchors are a patented labour and time-saving device that works similar to a toggle bolt in undisturbed soil.

They are percussion-driven into the ground without holes, digging or concrete, providing a safe and environmentally sensitive installation.

An upward pull on the anchor tendon rotates the Duckbill into a perpendicular lock position in undisturbed soil.

Duckbill anchor systems offer an effective, lightweight and economical solution to any anchoring issue.

Heavy-duty anchors with large holding capacities

Manta Ray anchors are the heavy-duty equivalent of the Duckbill and work on the same principles. The main difference is that this anchor has a solid threaded tendon rather than wire rope.

The Manta Ray compacts the soil around it to create an ecological and secure solution.

The anchors are driven by conventional hydraulic or pneumatic equipment. Once driven to the proper depth, an upward pull on the anchor tendon rotates the Manta Ray into a perpendicular lock position in undisturbed soil. Holding capacity can be measured by a gauge, each anchor is immediately proof loaded to the exact capacity required.

Tipping plate soil anchors for mine excavation shoring

Stingray earth anchors are the largest of our tipping plate soil anchors with a maximum working load of 35t.

The anchor is driven to the required depth and the driving steel removed before the anchor is tipped and load locked with our Anchor Locking Kit or a hollow jack, giving each anchor an immediate proof test.

Stingray earth anchors are suitable for applications with heavy capacity requirements such as civil construction, excavation shoring and tiebacks.

High-quality, US-manufactured anchoring equipment

The majority of Williams Form Engineering high-quality products are designed and manufactured in the US. They are also supported by engineered shop drawings, calculations, installation and testing equipment.

Due to the wide variety of ground anchors, including spinlock, bail, sledge drive and grout bonded anchors, Ancor Loc Australia will order in anchors specifically produced for your requirements.

All anchors will arrive with mill certificates for their point of origin.

About Ancor Loc Australia

Ancor Loc Australia has been a supplier of earth anchor systems for more than 15 years.

Its products have been proven in global industries such as utilities, civil construction, landscaping, horticulture, erosion control and mining.