Ready to activate AI? Ask Harry

Ask Harry puts artificial intelligence to work within your operation. Ask Harry is a voice-based AI assistant designed to simplify communication, find information and increase on-site safety.

Using the power and simplicity of voice, a simple call to Ask Harry connects you to your teams and critical business information.

In less than a minute:

  • Report a hazard or incident
  • Access critical information and documents
  • Retrieve Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)
  • Create handover notes and daily updates

One conversation, done.

  • Built for business
  • Accessibility using the latest user interface; voice
  • High level security and data protection
  • Fast to onboard and deploy
  • Integrates into existing systems and workflow

So in effect using voice operated software and intelligence that creates high quality human like responses to automate repetitive tasks. This can be utilised to greatly enhance safety and productivity and communications on any mining site.

Ask Harry is an enterprise grade voice activated agent, which utilises natural language to vastly improve communications and accessibility for those at mining sites.

Think of Siri, Google Assistant, Cortana or Amazon’s Alexa, yet rather than a consumer solution, Ask Harry has been build for industry. Ask Harry voice-based AI technology works in noisy, industrial and complex corporate environments, specialising in understanding industry jargon and phrasing to deliver exceptional responses and results. Highly sought after for its complete mining applications in health and safety, improved communications and more efficient operations.

It is available on either phone or walkie talkies in remote areas all over Australia.

Ask Harry’s voice interface is infinitely faster than manually having to key in information when your team are right on the job. No taking off gloves, or manually key strokes, you just Ask Harry to lodge your hazard and incident, while your team focus on the job at hand.

No need for expensive or complicated training as Ask Harry is simple to use and provides real actionable insights to track progress, trends and to develop strategies for improving workplace health and safety processes.

Ask Harry is ideal for your Work Health and Safety Manager, Wellbeing Administrator or even site managers and your procurement team.

Ask Harry is so intuitive it will save your team time, decrease processing and increase safety in a flash.

It is as simple as calling Ask Harry what you want, and Ask Harry will get it done.

Ask Harry by Contact Harald, is the proven solution, currently used by governments, and mining sites around the world.

Ask Harry by  Contact Harald closely combines the entire user experience and delivers more with human technology solutions for a safer work environment.

For more information, check out this video.