Protan Ventiflex Shaft are special ducting system, designed to accommodate vertical air supply. It is made with two, three or four suspension ribs, which are secured to wires using special non-slip hooks and clips.

There is a turnbuckle at one end of the wire to ensure correct alignment. Our solutions are flexible, and we supply duct lengths for both excavation and static installations. We also offer any duct diameter from ø400 mm to ø3200 mm in all duct lengths. Protan also supplies shaft ducts in antistatic quality.

Protan supply shaft ducts for both excavation and static installations.

  • High quality
  • Customer specific dimensions


Product Material:                         PVC-P
Product Can Be Returned:           Yes
Product Reinforcement: Polyester reinforcement
Description:                                   Quality 6698FR
Thickness:                                      0.65